The story of the Ganges is the story of modern India - teeming with life, deeply spiritual, chaotic, filthy and breath-takingly beautiful. No other body of water has as much economic and religious significance to so many people as the mighty Mother Ganges. One in ten people on Earth live within its drainage basin and one in five revere it as the Mother Goddess. Its holy waters are vital to over 450 million people for food and industry.

But as India’s surging economy continues to grow and the sub-continent industrialises at an astonishing rate, Ma Ganga is under threat like never before. Highly revered and worshipped as a Goddess, she’s believed to be immortal – immune to the abuse that is thrown at her. Industrial and human waste pours into the river, its waters are dammed and diverted for power and agriculture and climate change eats away at the glacier source and delta all threatening to asphyxiate and diminish this mighty Bringer of Life. Will India's most revered river become an unwitting victim of its new economic miracle?

Series Producer/Director: Vicky Hinners
Executive Producer: Steve Robinson