Adventurer Will Millard investigates Cardiff’s hidden history in this urban exploration of the Welsh capital. From concealed networks of tunnels to nuclear bunkers and from lost canals to forgotten buildings, this documentary shows a side of Cardiff you’ve never seen before.

How well do we really know 
our capital city? For in, around 
and under Cardiff are a maze
of tunnels, buildings and
constructions that are hidden 
from view but tell incredible
 stories. In this BBC Wales documentary, the adventurer,
 writer and Cardiff resident Will 
Millard reveals the parts of the 
city you’ve never seen before. 
Through his exploration Will reveals the hidden history of Cardiff giving the viewer an intriguing new perspective on a city many of us think they know inside out. This documentary is part urban exploring, part mystery solving and part history lesson as Will shows you the parts of Cardiff that have long been forgotten.

Co-production with Lazerbeam Productions
Series Producer/Director: James Hale
Executive Producer: Steve Robinson